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Rocky Mountain Oil

TEA TREE Roll On Essential Oil Blend 10ml

TEA TREE Roll On Essential Oil Blend 10ml

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Soothe irritated skin and support respiratory health wherever you go with a Tea Tree Roll-on. This prediluted roll-on combines the healing, antifungal power of Tea Tree Essential Oil with a moisturizing base of Jojoba Oil. It’s perfect for skincare, aromatherapy, and natural first aid. 

Tea Tree Oil is rich in compounds called terpenoids that are naturally antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. Try this Tea Tree Oil Roll-on for acne, athlete’s foot, and bug bites. It may also provide relief for breathing problems and congestion.

Simply dab on pulse points to repel insects, apply to clean skin to treat blemishes, or roll onto minor cuts and abrasions to encourage faster healing. Breathing in the fresh, vibrant scent of this Tea Tree Roll-on is also calming and uplifting.

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